Explore Scientific 102mm CF FCD100


Primary Mac Imager

This telescope was my first refractor, and it's my main imaging workhorse. Out of the box it's a 102mm (4") refractor, with around a 714mm focal length at F/7. I've added a StellarVue .8x reducer bringing the focal length down to 571.2mm, and F/5.6. This focal length works for a lot of small to medium sized nebula, and a few galaxies. The telescopes weight is 7 lbs as a carbon fiber scope, and allows me to add a fair amount of imaging gear to it without taxing the mount which is rated at 30lbs payload. I'm tempted to get a flattener so that I can image at 714mm and get a few more galaxies at a more proper size.

I took the plunge into mono just recently (see the blog post here). I've been very interested in getting into mono imaging for narrowband and LRGB captures. Light pollution is terrible where I live, and narrowband imaging is one way to get around that as light pollution has very little effect when using narrowband filters. I'm currently using a ZWO ASI1600MM-Cool camera, with the 8 slot electronic filter wheel and a full set of Astrodon LRGB, HA, SII, and OIII filters. For guiding I'm using a Stellarvue 50mm guide scope and a ZWO ASI224MC camera. A few of my newest images are posted to Astrobin.

IC1396 - The Elephant Trunk Nebula taken with this setup.

IC1396 - The Elephant Trunk Nebula taken with this setup.