Imaging M51 Whirlpool Galaxy with the ZWO ASI071MC-Pro

M51 taken with the ZWO ASI071MC-Pro camera and the AT6RC scope.

M51 taken with the ZWO ASI071MC-Pro camera and the AT6RC scope.

After a rocky start with my EdgeHD 11 telescope, I decided to move the main imaging camera over to the AT6RC telescope I have. It actually pairs very well, and produces 1.1 arc seconds of resolution, which is spot on for this scope.

Imaging has been interesting, as there were some rings in my images that had to be corrected out with flats and some serious light pollution removal with Astro Pixel Processor.

The end result is quite nice. The galaxy size is more suited to the EdgeHD 11”, but given the rocky start (couldn’t find any guide stars with the OAG).

I managed some really nice guiding with the CGX as well. Last night, I had .4 arc second total RMS. I took the image over two nights , just 2.5 hours the first night, and 7.5 hours the second night.

  • Ten hours total exposure time.

  • 600 sixty second frames.

  • Gain 50, offset 12.

  • 50 darks, 50 flats, 50 bias calibration frames.

  • Integration, calibration, light pollution removal in Astro Pixel Processor.

  • Stretching, masked denoise, color enhancement in PixInsight.

  • Final color processing and touch up in Photoshop.

Cropped view of M51.

Cropped view of M51.